“Working out is about you having the confidence, energy and strength to be, feel and look your best no matter what your age may be!” 

– Hamelin D’abell

The Hamelin D’abell Method is a powerful technique for developing a strong healthy body and a positive approach to life and oneself. The Method comes with stringent rules about placement, discipline and attention to detail. The client is working from the inside out by progressively creating a relationship with the exercises and the understanding of movement, breath and mind. These exercises will, in return, promote a physical transformation and a deeper understanding of movement methodology and mind awareness. The foundation is laid in Classic Method Toning. A regimen of safe, deep toning exercises for stabilization, increased strength and tightening of the muscles; results can often be seen and felt within the first one or two sessions. The moves used in Classic Method Toning are often small isolations performed at a slow pace; ranging from pulses to isolated rotations, to moves of a larger range performed at steadier yet controlled pace. These exercises will successfully help the client improve his or her strength, balance and flexibility – and achieve the refined results of a body that’s lithe, tight and timeless in appearance. Method Cardio is often included as an add-on to Classic Method Toning. Certain types of fully tailored cardiovascular workouts developed and tested by Hamelin will be included in the program for the individual client. Safety is always taken into consideration to promote the most effective and beneficial cardio session. The before/after transformations from the Hamelin D’abell Method have been impressive and people from all over the world have taken on Hamelin’s Method via his free online boot camp and online workout challenges, online webisode subscriptions, his exclusive custom workout subscriptions or his private studio training in Central London. The Hamelin D’abell Method is a new approach to oneself by connecting mind and muscle in a meditative manner that progressively becomes more and more part of the client’s every day life. Not only will the entire physique go through a powerful transformation but the self confidence, inner vitality and daily perspective will also transform as the client explores the Method.