Hamelin portrait

Hamelin’s journey in movement and instruction started back in the late 80s as a teenager, when he began teaching in multiple forms of aerobics classes along with an exploration of Yoga and its inherent spiritual qualities. He laid his foundation by the age of 14 in the world of high impact aerobics and Ashtanga Yoga in Copenhagen. While unusually young he was considered gifted in his understanding of the body and its functions and was able to deliver instruction in a simplistic and accessible way. After having built up a large client base in Copenhagen Hamelin decided to leave his native Denmark in the mid 90s in the search for new challenges and further inspiration within his field of work. In London he became a well-known Ashtanga Yoga teacher while facilitating aerobics and toning classes in and around central London. His classes became extremely high in demand which resulted in long waiting lists just to gain access to one of his classes. Hamelin’s students responded with requests for personal training and private tuition. Combining the best of his fitness and yoga classes with that of personal training, he laid the foundation of what later became  his trademark method. Twenty five years of experience has lead Hamelin to understand and respect the sophistication of the body and purity in movement. This has for him defined the essence of exercise. The culmination of knowledge, movement and individuality lead him to development of the Hamelin D’abell Method. Hamelin is a practicing minimalist with an interest in anthropology, modern architecture and the therapeutic aspect of music. He is a teacher of mind and human potential development, teaching individuals to go beyond the limitations of one’s mind and visual eye.